EpicSearch.in brings you search results from the world's leading search engines with extraordinary privacy.

Here are some technical details on EpicSearch.in's privacy. EpicSearch.in always routes your searches via https (PFS -- much more secure than ordinary https) so that your searches are protected from your ISP and general surveillance. Your searches are always routed through a built-in proxy so that your actual IP address never passes to any search server and thus we can't know what you're searching for. Since your query is encrypted, the proxy also doesn't know what you're searching for. Simply, your searches via EpicSearch.in in the Epic Privacy Browser are virtually untrackable.

We do send your queries to our partner Yandex to retrieve search results. Yandex may save the query. We do not send any personal data to Yandex such as your IP address, though.

We used to show search ads privately but Google insisted on tracking you, so we no longer have any search ads. Previously we sent a masked IP address so that Google could know where you were (so the advertisers got what they're paying for) but not enough information to know who you were or to track. Without giving us any specific reason, Google suspended the privacy-preserving search ads for us. We are currently working on alternative ways to continue to sustain both EpicSearch.in and our Epic Privacy Browser. You can support us here: https://www.epicbrowser.com/donate.html